The Audrey Miller Poritzky Education Fund for Children (AMP Fund) was established in 2004 upon the untimely death of Audrey from cancer at the age of 32. Audrey’s career and passion focused on public-school education reform as well as on providing opportunities for individual students to achieve their scholastic goals. At Audrey’s request this Fund was developed and since its inception we have seen it grow. Through scholarships and mentoring, we have helped hundreds of worthy young people.

We have honored Audrey's memory by giving high school seniors scholarships, which they need in order to attend college. Through our ongoing support system, we have continued to help our award recipients throughout their college years. We are also pleased to announce that our inaugural graduate-school grant was awarded in 2012, thus enabling us to act as an ongoing resource at times when students need us most.

Our goal is to ensure that students have the means and support to realize their academic potential and pursue their dreams of a better life.


Since the inception of the AMP Fund eleven years ago, our goal has been to honor Audrey’s request to carry on the work she had begun in education reform. She had worked on the micro level tutoring and mentoring individual students and in the macro level developing a community school program and working with school principals on teacher/program evaluations.

She believed that an education was the key to success and something no one could take away.

We developed the dual strategies of mentoring high school seniors on their college essays and providing college scholarships to high school seniors who exhibit Audrey’s qualities of scholarship, leadership and community service.

We started by granting one scholarship a year but after two years, seeing that there were so many worthy students, we increased to three scholarships. These scholarships have always been matched by The Children’s Aid Society, our partner.

As our Fund and appreciation for this work has evolved, we have learned from our award recipients that it is equally important to help our students stay in college and graduate. We now offer additional financial assistance to our past recipients as the need arises. In addition, we assist them financially as they pursue graduate education.

Audrey understood the importance of an education. Once more, we are following her lead. Thank you for joining us on our journey.


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