One important thing that I learned this year was the difference between winning a scholarship versus winning a continuous support system for an entire education career. In my early academic career I have won a fair amount of scholarships. However, none of the scholarships provided me with the support that I continuously receive from the AMP scholarship family. When I won the AMP scholarship in May, 2011, I gained something special that day. I gained a second family that believes in my goals and dreams. The AMP family has provided me with continuous support and motivation throughout the years. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful things AMP has done for me and others in their academic voyage.

Tanzina Nawrin
2011 and 2013 Award Recipient

Your continued investment in the success of our young people is an inspiration. Your consistent dedication of time, valuable words of encouragement and financial support, encourage and motivate our students to believe and achieve the goals they have set forth for themselves. We truly look forward to continuing and strengthening our work with you as we continue to strive towards College Success for the dynamic and resilient young people we serve.

Nicole Cash
Path to College Success Program Director

AMP has been a tremendous help throughout my entire college career. I am completing my last semester at Baruch College. I will be graduating with a degree in Political science. My next steps are to pursue a degree of law. This semester AMP was able to help me with additional funds for courses that I needed in order to graduate after my scholarship funds had run out. It was difficult to obtain these funds. Luckily the AMP Board was able to give me money to help me finish my degree. For this I am so grateful. AMP has truly been there for me throughout my college years.

I am so grateful for all of you your help. Thank you for believing in me and for the support you have provided throughout the years.

Tendo Sekiwala
2009 and 2013 Award Recipient

I mean no exaggeration when I state that the AMP Scholarship has helped me tremendously. With the assistance of the scholarship I was able to enter college and begin to take classes – using some of the scholarship to pay the balance that my financial aid did not cover. For both my first and second semesters, the AMP scholarship ensured that I was able to get all of my needed textbooks for class within the first week of classes.

General Washingto
2012 Award Recipient

Without the assistance of AMP, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Ms. Miller once expressed that past AMP recipients are "part of our special family” and that truly defines the relationship between AMP and its awardees. It is my hope that AMP will continue to assist future students with their educational needs as they did for me.

Mavis Gyamera
2009 and 2013 Award Recipient

Your program had a profound effect on me! Not only did I enjoy volunteering with you, but I maintained my relationship with one of the students in the program. I mentored her through the college application and acceptance program, and we met up numerous times just to keep the relationship going.Additionally, I went back to school to get my Master’s in Public Affairs as I was inspired by this program and others (I have 10 years work experience and hope I can make a difference at a nonprofit organization). I graduate in December and hope to move back to the East Coast and work in program management.I started a college access program with children of Habitat for Humanity homeowners, based on your program! I talk to them about college and why/where to apply. Then I work with them to develop college essays and applications. The general idea is that the housing gets the parents out of poverty situations, so I am trying to help the next generation keep it going.Thank you SO MUCH for letting me be part of your program. It had a huge effect on me!

Quentin Ball
AMP Fund Mentor















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